I have been a professional tutor and private teacher for over 15 years.

In that time I have taught many hundreds of students of all ages. Subjects taught include guitar, bass, theory, compostion, technology, recording, arranging, performance, harmony, synthesis, sound design and keyboards.

All styles of music are happily accomodated from the mellowest classically influenced to full on intense metal.                                                          

I pride myself on an innovative and unique teaching style that encourages you to find your own breakthroughs and insights.

From basic accompanying chords to esoteric modal substitutions I can help you develop your inner musical voice.

Grading courses are available to help the student achieve the highest possible qualification ( I have a 100% pass record ).

Based conveniently in the north of Glasgow with easy road and rail access.

I also liaise with highly recommended vocal and drum tutors.

Contact me to discuss requirements and references etc.