“Eclectic musical trail blazer.”

“Strange musical movements and a penchant for exploring unusual ideas with Bomb squad style production, guitar histrionics, Eastern rhythms and psychedelic bass freak outs.”

“Manipulates the Equipment like a mad Scientist.”

“An air of spontaneous abandon, all of which disguise the meticulous composition and thoughtful sequencing that is underlying the pieces.”

“A 24 hour tripathon in one glorious 45 minute live performance.”

“A mushroom cloud of thumping electronica, world beats, live looping and virtuoso guitar/bass playing.”

Luminous has released over 5 albums covering multiple styles, some highlights.....

"Meera Pyre"  ---Acoustic Indian vocal music into wall of noise industrial.

"Rock flour"---Big dirty funky guitar, big beats and synths.

"Aiwass radio"---Glitchy Middle Eastern lines evolve into full on breakbeat techno inspired by Aliester Crowley.

"He spent 10 years preaching in Mandarin"---Open tuned acoustic guitar using an ancient Syrian scale.

"New star"---Ambient, tabla driven, eastern, happy new love music.

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Luminous is the stage name of Glasgow based multi-instrumentalist, performer, producer, composer and improviser Andy Isacsson.

A musical career spanning 25 years playing with everyone from Soul legends to underground DJ's has led to the genre splicing, constantly moving music of Luminous. Sometimes commercial, sometimes challenging, always interesting.

A prolific studio wizard as well as an arresting and innovative performer the music incorporates elements of Rock, African, Jazz, Funk, Middle Eastern, Techno, Noise, World, Hip-hop,  Electronica, Acoustic and Classical and anything else that can be melded into a fusion.

Recently he has supported such artists as East India Youth and Gabriel Garzon Montano as well as upcoming shows with Adrian Sherwood with offers from The Invisible and Banco De Gaia. He has also recently completed remixes for Afro Celt Soundsystem and the Grand Gestures featuring Emma Pollock.

Luminous currently has 7 releases available including a forthcoming vinyl issue. He is working on a new album to be called “ Precarious Karma “ which will be more vocal orientated than previous releases. He is also currently working on an opera based on the trial of Henriette Caillaux as well as numerous projects with other artists.